Top Fantasy Story Prompts for June 29, 2017

My finds gave me ideas for a system of creating clairvoyance, a contested bloodline and a Lovecratian story.

If meditation can reshape brains what if there was a system that could give you clairvoyance?

You Have the Power to Physically Reshape Your Brain

This could be a point of contention for a “chosen people” in a epic fantasy who discover
that a bloodline is actually lost instead of them being the successors.

Genetic Study Reveals The Surprising Ancestry Of Ancient Egyptians

It would make a good Lovecraftian story if it was used for its original purpose in the modern era.

Ancient Aztec Temple And Sacrificial Ball Court Discovered In Mexico City

What could make Jormungandr, the Midgard Serpent, go native?

You can see which fantasy writing prompts I’m working up in the Khiatons Monthly/Update mailing list



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