Science Fiction Plot Prompts for the Week ending July 13, 2017

I found new hi-tech infrastructure world building ideas this time and I kept thinking what happens when they break down? Plus a good prompt for a sci-fi horror story, and one tidbit would make a child’s prank or survival story.

What if the space debris robot cleaner became self aware and went on strike?

Stanford engineers design a robotic gripper for cleaning up space debris

This could be some kid’s crazy prank in a children’s story or part of a action story about survival.

How You Can Start a Fire With a Sandwich Bag Filled With Water

Head transplants sounds more like a horror story than a scifi breakthrough.

Surgeon Who Wants To Perform First Human Head Transplant Claims New Breakthrough

What happens when the wireless in the electric car breaks down?

Wireless Charging Could Soon Be A Reality For Electric Cars

Find out what Machines learn from Humanity in Machine Learning

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