Science Fiction Plots and Devices I’d Like to See October 26, 2017

I’m collecting sci-fi plots and devices I’d like to see: An improved tool for diabetes management, a superhero afraid to fly, a comedy/horror about electric eels,
and plastic eating fungi.

see what I mean here


8th Publishing Credit (for sure this time)

Given how one short story sale fell through this year I wanted to make sure this actually went through before I mentioned it: my #scifi #shortstory “A New Genome” was released in the 49th Parallels anthology from Bundoran Press, which is a prestigious Canadian scifi publisher.

Book Review: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne

3 out of 5

Imagine you are on a cruise in a top-of-the line submarine with cutting edge technology. You are introduced to a world of wonders and scientific marvels, but your cruise keeps going on and on to the point it’s no longer fun anymore and you’re starting to doubt the sanity of your captain. This isn’t a critique of Jules Vernes writing, but a description of the plot. Some may not want this cruise to ever end, but others may prefer to move on. Yet you’ve got to give Jules Verne’s kudos for inventing the concept of submarines in the first place and the other technology inside it. I can’t help envying his scope and vision.

The Island of Dr. Moreau by H.G. Wells

 3 stars

Dr. Moreau strikes me as a more ambitious and unrepentant Dr. Frankenstein. He tortures his creations for his experiments yet they do not rebel against and are lost when he is defeated by the protagonist who uncovers his work and shuts him down. Perhaps the animalmen would’ve been less simple minded if they’d been human to begin with? Dr. Moreau makes a good supervillain character and is the one who standouts in this story.