Flashfic: The Greatest Apollon Mystery

“Perhaps we should promote a philosopher into the position?” Athena asked.

Apollo yawned. It was so hard to keep awake during these divine councils.

His twin Artemis jabbed at him to stay awake.

“No. No mortal shall be allowed a voice in our judgments,” Zeus said.

Athena sighed. “Hades has already delegated the judgment of souls to the shades of three mortal wise men. How would this be any different?”

“Why don’t we ask the Delphic Oracle for the best candidate for the job?”

Eris laughed at this, “Why go to the Delphic Oracle when we have her patron here?”

She smirked as she glanced at the yawning Apollo. “What do you say, Apollo?”

Artemis spoke for him, “ Yes, I say Apollo should do it. We count on the Oracle for advice already. Why not make her patron the God of Logic?”

“Uh?” Apollo asked.

There was a chorus of ayes at this.

Eris snorted.

She sat up and offered Apollo a handshake. “I’ll commission Arachne of Hypaepa to weave you a banner in honor of your promotion.”

Apollo flushed with rage at this.

It was too bad Eris kept Arachne in her household. He’d like to squash her flat, but he made do with ordering that none of her children were allowed in his temples. The God of Logic’s followers should run clean and orderly establishments after all.

You can see how Eris became Arachne’s patron in A Heart for Hubris.


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