Announcing the Start of Khiatons Kindle Short Reads

Khiatons Kindle Short Reads publishing program starts May 1st. These will give blog readers a chance to see the kind of works my trend watching inspires. They’re geared towards Kindle Select Readers who want to stream short reads and are composed of approximately 5000 word ebooks. They’ll be available for sale at 99 cents individually. If you’re not a member of Kindle Select, and prefer to save money, I’ll gather them into themed story collections and offer them as larger ebooks and print books.

The themed collections will be uploaded to Smashwords. However, the individual short read books will be kept exclusive to Kindle Select.

I figured this was a worthwhile experiment for 2017, and will see how it goes.

This is the first ebook Machine Learning: Two Short Reads which is available on May 1st.

Machine Learning: Two Short Reads

What will machines learn from humanity? We can hope they’ll hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil and obey the Three Laws of Robotics but Gidget the Gadget may become a respected member of the family, while the Dissembly Meme still goes viral in these two short reads. (Approximately a total of 4607 words)

Review: The Waste Lands

The Waste Lands
The Waste Lands by Stephen King
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The last member of Roland’s companions is gathered and now they move on to the quest. The collection of the companions seemed like a sideline but he makes more progress with them then he did by himself. Roland grows by learning the value of teamwork, and the action picks up at the conclusion. Only King could get away with spending so long gathering the members of the quest. Very few people could pull it off.

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Movie Review: Metropolis

Writers can learn a lot from movies so movie reviews will be a semi-regular feature if I feel a movie has taught me something writers can use for their works.

Metropolis is credited with being the first #scifi movie.It was released in 1927 and produced by Fritz Lang. It’s best regarded as a historical document. It’s overacting, melodrama, and the fashion sense of its stars is comical to modern tastes. The evil factory uses oppressed blue collar workers never anticipating a time when manufacturing jobs would face automation. It’s set design of the technology is still eye catching. This movie made me grateful for all the progress made in movie storytelling throughout the decades. I recommend this movie if you are a history buff, but not for general #scifi fans unless you have a taste for pulp.

Review: Short Fiction Secrets: How To Write And Sell Short Stories

Short Fiction Secrets: How To Write And Sell Short Stories
Short Fiction Secrets: How To Write And Sell Short Stories by Angela Booth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I found this book very inspirational and can’t wait to try out its suggestions. My favorite was the thought of using short stories to try out new genres before committing yourself to writing a novel length work. See if you like the genre, how long it takes to write it and whether you get the kind of response you want from readers. It’s a good idea.

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Review: Bleak House

Bleak House
Bleak House by Charles Dickens
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This work is best approached as a historical document rather than a light pleasure read. It’s a legal novel regarding a protracted court case involving an inheritance. A modern legal novel would have a clearcut villain not petty embezzlers and legal sharks extracting as much money as they can out of the estate or at the very least the greed of these people would’ve escalated to the point of murder. It’s an indictment on the inefficiencies of the English legal system of the time. We get exhaustive slices of life regarding the people affected by the case and the resolution, when a will is finally found, feels like one subplot among many when a modern legal novel would’ve made it the driving focus of the story. I

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