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I'm Cathy Smith, Mohawk writer. The Mohawk term “Khiatons”-“I write” is my tag. I love myths so I write soft #science fiction and #fantasy as modern myths.

Glory Road by Robert A. Heinlein

3 out of 5

I would’ve liked this more if I came from an age before video games.
A young American gets to play hero, but tires of the game when all is not what it appears to be. It was written before video games were made but feels like a video game that goes on too long and gets too boring. His solution is a akin to a gamer who finds a new game to play.


Blood and Thunder: The Life and Art of Robert E. Howard by Mark Finn

5 out of 5

A sympathetic portrait of man often portrayed as a mama’s boy who wrote wish
fulfillment pulp fiction with macho characters. He had his issues but lived a rugged lifestyle
in rough boom towns in his childhood and youth. I feel this is a balanced biography that does him justice. There may still be people convinced that Robert E. Howard only wrote self insert Gary Stu fiction, but this explains how he was able to turn his Gary Stus
into such a strong and iconic characters while others attempts to do so are laughable.

Eris’s Discord

Will they prefer ambrosia or blood? Eris wondered as she considered her offering for the Fates.

Bah, offer them the best you got. Any mortal can spell blood for the Three. Only an Olympian can give them ambrosia and nectar. So she saved her portions for three days. She thought it best to give each of them a serving when she came to visit them.

She wanted and boon and thought it best not to come to them empty-handed. The Three preferred to live in caves but didn’t wish to delve as deep as Hades did. Then again Hades wouldn’t live in the Underworld himself if he had the choice. It was hard to tell why such a life was imposed on him. Was it a decree of the Fates? Or a plot by his brothers to force an unwanted domain on him? They’d played dice over the spoils of their war with Cronus. The results of dice throws were always credited to the Fates but who knew if the dice were already loaded by Zeus and Poseidon?

She knew it was no use to ask for an expansion to her power base from the Olympians. It’d take a war to change their minds, and she didn’t have a capacity for war—yet.

Yet Athena was proof the Fates could be appeased. Aphrodite had more pull with the Olympians than Eris did. They’d seen her new hobby as harmless when she took up weaving so Miss Priss whined to the Fates to put a stop to it. The Fate’s decreed it was Aphrodite’s duty and pleasure to make love. Miss Priss was bound to object when Eris impinged on her domain of war unless she countered it first.

It’ll be different for me. The next time Miss Priss whines she’ll find her last line of appeal already cut off. She would succeed where Aphrodite had failed.

There were tapestries and rungs when she got further into the cave. The Fates are the foremost weavers in the cosmos. It’s probably their handiwork. Yet she was still worried since it reminded her of Athena’s pieces. So standardized and proper. the use of pre-approved themes. It’s little wonder I took Arachne as my personal weaver. Her handiwork is more to my liking. She cackled at the memory of Athena’s rage when Eris granted Arachne her protection and favor. Her laughter rang down the hallway, announcing her presence to the Fates.

Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos were gathered around a table drinking a herbal tea. Eris held up her basket, “I offer you ambrosia and nectar for your repast.”

Lachesis nodded, took the basked and placed it on the table. Clotho, the Maiden, divided the portions among them. “I shall save mine until this business is done. I don’t want to lose my appetite.” Her frown was as disapproving as Athena’s got and Eris’s back stiffened.

The Crone, Atropos smiled, exposing ragged teeth. “I find malice the perfect spice to my meals.”

The Mother, Lachesis, sighed.

“You know why I’m here?”

“You want to become a war goddess.” Lachesis said.

“I see it as a natural extension of my present duties,” Eris said. “But I know Miss Priss will complain I’m impinging on her name. Meanwhile, she has two duties that impinge those of four gods, Mars and yours.”

“Ours?” Clotho repeated.

Eris raised a brow. “You Three weave the Tapestry of Life. That makes you the most fitting patronesses of weaving.”

Atropos cackled while Lachesis sighed and Clotho’s mouth fell open. “You do your job well, Goddess of Discord.”

Eris sighed. “So you see my petition as a way to encourage corruption?”

“You serve us best when you subtlety encourage ambition. The results of such work is the most dramatic and despised in conquerors. Though it is something worth applauding when seen in entrepreneurs and statesmen. That is your place in the Order of Things.” Lachesis said.

Atropos motioned to Clotho who took out a bag. “Lachesis and I have two gifts for you prepared in return for the ambrosia and nectar you gave us.”

There was a jeweled dagger, and an asp let out of the bag.

Lachesis grabbed the dagger and presented the hilt to Eris. “Here is a dagger to place in your enemies’ back.”

Atropos grabbed the asp and wound it around Eris’s wrist like a bracelet. “Let this asp give you poison you can plant into the hearts of whoever you desire to corrupt.”

Eris glanced at Clotho, “Two out of the Three isn’t bad.”

Clotho gave her an arched grin, “Bring me a sample of Arachne’s handiwork and I’ll see what I can do for you.”


Clotho laughed, “I’m one of her biggest fans. There’s more to Arachne’s tapestry than what is seen in the front. I know what you did for her…

You can see what Eris did for Arachne in my release A Heart for Hubris.

Why isn’t Eris a War Goddess?

Eris, Goddess of Discord, is best known for starting a beauty contest that began the Trojan War. You’d think this incident would serve as the credentials needed to get Eris called a war goddess? Some details from her Wikipedia entry answered this question for me. She’s useful in small doses but needs to be kept in check. These are my thoughts on the matter:

Maybe the Ancient Greeks could only imagine “shrews” in a civil society like Olympus. Only barbarians had fierce warrior women. The closest they have to a war goddess is Athena. She knows how to wield weapons and construct battle strategies. Yet she also weaves like any good daughter should.

Eris may not be “mighty” like Aphrodite, yet she doesn’t allow herself to be dissed. When she wasn’t invited to a feast, she crashed it. She offered a golden apple to the most beautiful of goddesses. This left the Olympians with the problem of figuring out who deserved that honor. They in turn delegated the decision to the mortal Paris. Each goddess, even Aphrodite, offered a Paris a bribe. This means that not even Aphrodite can be said to be a clear-cut winner of the contest Eris instigated. Offending Eris caused even more discord than leaving her out. Eris often gets dismissed as a minor goddess, but can be dangerous if you try to ignore her. The Olympians aren’t in the mood to give her more honor than they feel she deserves.

Perhaps, placing Eris in a war goddess role would make her too powerful? The Iliad equates her to a bloodthirsty goddess Enyo that starts small and grows in size into Godzilla proportions during wars.

Eris is treated like a quarrelsome woman and she-demon most times. Though there is reference to a goddess of strife credited with giving people ambition. She inspires people to change and improve the status quo. This could mean an out-and-out war or create talented statesmen, entrepreneurs and inventors.

The Enyo and the Strife goddesses are treated as similar but separate to Eris. Yet what if these goddesses were incorporated as aspects of her personality?

My theory is Eris has her place in the Order of Things but has to be kept in check. Which is why she won’t be promoted to a war goddess position. Eris is a minor goddess. Yet her nuances shows the richness of classical mythology.

Eris becomes a surprising benefactor in my release A Heart for Hubris. The “Eris’s Discord” flash fiction goes live here tomorrow.

2 Publishing Credits in 2018

So far I have 2 publishing credits in 2018:

“Wampum Writing” is a non-fiction piece that’s been accepted in the indigenous anthology: Voice:Appropriation and Representation in Canada. I received the check for it. It’s a historical piece and not related to my scifi and fantasy works, but I couldn’t help expressing my opinion on this issue.

“Welcome, Furries” has been accepted into FurPlanet’s Exploring New Places anthology. It’s about spoiled cat aliens.

Movie Review: Solo: A Star Wars Story

4 out of 5

Solo: A Star Wars Story is the comfort food of the scifi world. Meaning that its fans are fussy and demanding. People don’t appreciate the skill shown when you deliver a pleasing product yet will be quick to tell you when you’re off. There is some room for seasonings and flavorings but it’s very narrow. I was worried after I saw the Last Jedi but I liked this movie.

Alden Ehrenreich does a credible job despite the fears of the fans. People are quick to call anyone who is cast as a character as iconic as Han Solo and follows after a star as charismatic as Harrison Ford “cocky.” However, that’s what’s called for in the character. I am a fan of the OT myself but does anyone want to see Han Solo’s antics in an old age home?

It’s almost too bad Han didn’t wear a mask. Masked Star Wars characters are allowed to have multiple actors in the role without irritating the fans. Darth Vader has had different physical and voice actors. The Chewie suit is now worn by a younger man.

I’m a fan of comfort food, so I give this movie 4 out of 5. It’s a credible addition to the Star Wars cannon and I’m a Star Wars fan. Some people may prefer a more cutting edge production but there’re newer franchises for that.