About Khiatons

I'm Cathy Smith, Mohawk writer. The Mohawk term “Khiatons”-“I write” is my tag. I love myths so I write soft #science fiction and #fantasy as modern myths.

The Hobbit There and Back Again by J.R.R. Tolkien

4 out of 5

This feels like a pleasurable outing by a homebody who needed to get out of his house. Biblo comes back to his Shire richer with experience and gold from a treasure hunt he’s forced on. Only Tolkien could turn a dungeon crawl into great literature.


The Light Fantastic by Terry Pratchett

4 out of 5

Another jaunt by an inept team of adventurers. The regular fantasy quest tropes become more challenging than usual because of their incompetence. The elderly barbarian was a parody of Conan but turned out to be the most capable member of the party. It’s an interesting take of everyday life in a fantasy world.

How Hermes Became a Pscyhopomp

There. I’m done in time to have dinner. Iris thought. Hestia’s door was always open, and she’d have food ready.

Much to her surprise Hermes was in the dining room eating all the honeycakes.

“You’re too young to drink Dionysus’s vintage now, Hermes. You must drink grape juice.” Hestia said.

“They’ve got me delivering their messages. I don’t see why I can’t get a share of the wine if I’m working like a man already.” He pouted.

Hestia looked at his lengthening limbs. “You won’t have to wait long, Hermes. Not at the rate you’re growing.”

Iris snorted. “Shouldn’t you be finishing your quota now?”

“I did that by lunch.” He shrugged.

Iris winced at this. “We need to find you something to do for your afternoons.” She muttered. Remembering she’d have to check to see if there was anything missing among her possessions. Hermes was always on the lookout for a new toy…

“Well, we need a psychopomp.” Hestia said.

“What’s that?” Hermes asked.

“You’d ferry souls to the Underworld.” Iris said.

Hermes rubbed his hands together. “I’ve never been to the Underworld before. I hear Hades is the richest of the Olympians and his palace is full of treasures…”

“Then I’ll tell Zeus you’re interested in the job.” Hestia said.


Hermes makes a cameo in “The Ambrosian Mysteries” in A Heart for Hubris.

Hermes the Civilized Trickster

Hermes was the trickster of the Greek pantheon. He stole Apollo’s cattle when he was born and invented the lyre as compensation for it. It was like being born with ADHD.

His main job was to be a messenger of the Gods even though they already had Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow, for that.

They piled other duties on top of this as if these sidelines were a frantic attempt to keep him busy.
He was a psychopomp who ferried souls to the Netherworld. He was the patron of thieves and travelers. It’s hard to know if he took up these sidelines as hobbies himself. They could’ve been assigned to him by the Olympians to keep him too busy for mischief.

I wasn’t surprised when I found out he was the great-grandfather of Odysseus another Greek trickster. What was surprising is there weren’t more tricksters among his descendants.

Hermes must’ve been at his most dangerous when he was bored so the Olympians kept him busy. This was a civilized means of channeling his energy. It saved them from banishing and ostracizing him from Olympus. No wonder the Ancient Greeks responded the same way to his descendant to Odysseus. Odysseus was put to work devising battle strategies instead of pranks.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

4 out of 5

The ending was drawn out but this was a satisfying conclusion to the
Lord of the Rings trilogy. The end of Sauron would’ve been made more dramatic
in modern times. The heroes tried to let him depart civilly but it didn’t work.
This would’ve been the seed of another trilogy in the modern day. The main story ended on an ironic note that a modern writer would’ve made more ambiguous. The quest was saved by the anti-hero Gollum who stole the Ring when the Ringbearer got so corrupted he refused to part with it. Gollum is so debased that the best ending you could give him was to die with his Precious. Gollum was only allowed to live back when the Ringbearer
was still able to feel compassion so he was paid back for his good deed even when the Ring changed him. Frodo was stopped before he abused the Ring’s power so he could
come back from the brink with no ill feelings. Though he would’ve been as despised as
Gollum if he kept it.