Meet Angel Girl from The Shifty Captive

Meet Angel Child from The Shifty Captive
Name: Angel Girl
Age: 12
Nationality: Ilan
There was that little girl at different stages of growth starting from infancy to what must be her current age. Some older cards of her were set aside and stored in a box with a scrapbook with clippings of her hair.


A Fantastic Start to the New Year for January 4, 2018

This is a cute custom in real life but what if a rare delicacy was needed to assure a good year in a fantasy story and the task was assigned to a hero? If you want to make it epic perhaps the meal is needed to appease a capricious supernatural patron?

New Year’s Day: Good Luck Foods for the New Year

Shelton Sharpe may not be the most powerful of magicians, but he is the shiftiest!


Changes in Khiatons Monthly Writing Prompt Features in 2018

There will only be one prompt each per month, though written up more fully than in the past. My recent purchase of KDP Rocket has inspired changes to my scifi and fantasy writing prompts features.

I still regularly scan trending news for story ideas and will share what I find in indie published books that KDP Rocket says should have a market. These will be written up and include links to the material. I don’t mind giving away ideas because some of the ones I come up with would make for interesting reading but aren’t ones I want to write myself.

I believe I should have a booklet ready to put out in a month because there are ideas I don’t post that are worthwhile but don’t have a convenient Youtube video to illustrate them. I will include links for articles that inspired the story ideas in the booklets. However, only the writing prompts posted on the Khiatons page will have an embedded Youtube video.

I’m doing this both as a test of KDP Rocket and because it would be good to have some compensation for my work. The free scifi and fantasy monthly prompts will be to assure any readers that the booklets have worthwhile information.

I enjoy reading popular books but I believe basing story ideas on trending articles instead of popular books leads to more original work or injects some fresh material into your templates if you’re writing to market but need to mix things up. I’ll still scan trending articles no matter what, but it’s a good public service to curate them for fellow authors, and being compensated for it may help underwrite my own writing.