Bricolage is Live!

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How do you get back into active service in the Spacefarer Union when you’re decommissioned and discarded because of the unlicensed repair needed to make you spaceworthy again?

Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending May 8, 2016

I’m not saying I’m informed enough to write hard science fiction yet, but my article reading has affected the editing of Bricolage, which I plan to release as an indie publication later this year. Perhaps these links will be helpful to another writer or someone might prefer straight science over science fiction. Click the headings you’re interested in or else click “more” to see all the links.

Singularity    Environment    Geology

Astronomy    Space Race    Green Technology

Paleontology    Health Research    Medical Marijuana

Neuroscience    Reproductive Health    Sexual Health

Life Extension    Cybersecurity

Digital Currency    Physics    Gadgets

Evolution    Archaeology    Virtual Reality

Wildlife    Nanotechnology    Open Source

Random Tidbit

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