January 2018-Free Scifi Writing Prompt

These are the type of scifi writing prompts you’ll see in my upcoming scifi writing prompt releases in 2018.

What if this became a sport? Or a nation’s military policy was based on the outcome of this competition and there were passionate interested parties on both sides?

Are Robots Better Pilots? NASA Pits Human Pilot vs. AI And Here’s What Happened

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Indigenous Knowledge and Modern Science Finally Collaborate

Colonists often dismissed Indigenous Knowledge in favor of modern scientific methods. Yet climate scientists are now using the Inuit’s traditional knowledge to document the historical and current climate trends in the Arctic. Who better to know the historical trends than a people who have lived in the Arctic year round for generations rather than a group of scientists who may visit the Arctic for short term projects?

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New Outreach Strategy for a New Year

Now that I’ve built a familiarity with current trends with my weekly posts I feel capable of commenting on new developments so will start that as a monthly feature in 2017.