Using Illustrations as Writing Prompts

I’ve been looking over my sources for copyright free illustrations and came across this on Life of Pix. This is the perfect inspiration for a fantasy novel.It’s going to be a while before I can do anything about it but it’d be an interesting experiment to see if I can do anything with it.

Strategies for Combatting Online Piracy of Your Writing

I believe’s Rights, Copyright, Permissions & Plagiarism index is a particularly useful part of the site and deserved its own post. Its Plagiarism, Piracy and Infringement subsection has articles on combating online piracy of your work. Some of the articles include templates of letters that can be sent whenever your personal copyright is  infringed.

Further information about ebook piracy and protecting copyright from Writers Weekly

Angela Hoy of,, Abuzz Press and newest Writer’s Weekly edition printed a letter as a follow up to last week’s Is That Free Ebook Site REALLY Violating Your Copyright? Maybe Not… article. Two further resources were listed for those of us that want more information about ebook piracy and copyright issues: The Authors Against E-book Theft yahoo group and copyright articles on the Adventures in Writing blog.