The King of Elfland’s Daughter by Lord Dunsany

4 out of 5

Be careful what you wish for.  A parliament sends a prince to win an
elven princess’s hand in marriage but are disappointed when he
succeeds. It’s interesting to see a tale of disillusionment that is subtle
instead of being satire and grimdark in fantasy as would be written nowadays.


A Fantastic Start to the New Year for January 4, 2018

This is a cute custom in real life but what if a rare delicacy was needed to assure a good year in a fantasy story and the task was assigned to a hero? If you want to make it epic perhaps the meal is needed to appease a capricious supernatural patron?

New Year’s Day: Good Luck Foods for the New Year

Shelton Sharpe may not be the most powerful of magicians, but he is the shiftiest!


The Shifty Captive-Wilbur Sketon

Wilbur Skelton acts as a “contractor” in The Shifty Captive.

Name: Wilbur Skelton
Age: 60
Nationality: Ilan
Name: Wilbur Skelton
Age: 60
Nationality: Ilan
Quote: “Amateur naturalists and museums like to collect the bones of ethnic peoples…I moved into servicing that market when the Cemeteries Act messed up my resurrectionist work.”

Fantastic Christmas Gifts it’d be Cool to See in New Fantasy Stories for December 7, 2017

Here are some suggestions for “fantastic” Christmas gifts. Maybe these international Christmas dinners will be a springboard for your own unique menu? A seal stone with the best art of the Bronze Age. What if someone bought a tropical island with its own lost city? Perhaps someone would want to dramatize the world’s first toast in a historical fantasy?

here’s some visuals and worldbuilding details to help you flesh out these ideas