Khiatons Monthly Flash Fiction-Update Newsletter November 2015 is Out!

Most 12-year-old think they’re smarter than adults.

Boy genius Rory Jordan knows he is!

Spacefarer Nix Kaphale meets 12-year-old Rory Jordan, the most brilliant brat in the galaxy, and starts a rewarding, if somewhat tempestuous, partnership with the Jordan family in this month’s Khiatons newsletter flash fiction piece. Click Rory’s picture and you can read it and post newsletters for free when you sign for the google group.

October 2015 Khiatons Monthly Mailing List-Brought Down to Earth

First contact from the spacefarer’s perspective.

This is this the flash fiction for month’s edition of my monthly mailing list I host on Google Group’s. I started a series of flash fiction for Bricolage a science fiction novel I plan to indie publish. You can read it and past issues when you sign up for the group. You can click the picture or the widget on the sidebar to join up.