Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending June 12, 2016

There was one science article that caught my eye so I’m calling it “Pick of the Week”. Is a prosthetic based on a video game design cool or tacky? It may be cool not to be stuck with a vanilla design if you need a prosethetic.
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Pick of the Week    Singularity    Green Technology

Environment    Health Research    Medical Marijuana

Sexual Health    Genetics    Neuroscience

Psychology    Cybersecurity    Gaming

Virtual Reality    Geology    Physics

Chemistry    Space Race    Astronomy

Military Sci-fi    Data Management    Wildlife

Transportation    Archaeology    Anthropology

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Game Fiction Vol. 1 Paperback is Out

I received my contributor’s copy of Game Fiction Vol. 1 this week. It has my story “Jubilee” in it.  It was put out as an ebook in August 2015 and is finally available in paperback now.

Game Fiction Volume 1 is out

I just found out that Game Fiction Volume 1 has been out a few months. It has my short story “Jubilee” in it. It’s available in both print and digital editions.

Update: I just found out that the print edition needs to be tweaked before it is re-released. It came out too dark on the printer and they are correcting it. I will update when the new improved version is re-posted. However, the digital edition is still available.