Review: Short Fiction Secrets: How To Write And Sell Short Stories

Short Fiction Secrets: How To Write And Sell Short Stories
Short Fiction Secrets: How To Write And Sell Short Stories by Angela Booth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I found this book very inspirational and can’t wait to try out its suggestions. My favorite was the thought of using short stories to try out new genres before committing yourself to writing a novel length work. See if you like the genre, how long it takes to write it and whether you get the kind of response you want from readers. It’s a good idea.

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Joining Twitter as @khiatons

I hear Twitter is a good platform for a writer to reach out to their readers and peers. Yet I fear it will become a timesink. The only way to know for sure is to set up an account and try it out. Therefore I am setting up an account this week. I will see if I can make it work for me, and keep up a presence on it. If it doesn’t work out I will close it down, but it’s worth a shot.

Update on mailing list

I was thinking of having a mailing list, but found out that I must include a physical address in a footer to comply with anti-spam laws. I don’t intend to spam but am not brave enough to do this.

I still like the idea of sending out one flash fiction a month so I will try putting a piece of flash fiction up on this blog once a month.

Edit: I found out that I can set up a Google group that has the same function of a mailing list without having to reveal my physical address. I have set up a widget that connects to to it on the side. The first flash fiction will be available as a public post, but the rest of the flash fiction will be posted to the newsgroup though I will post its illustration on the blog publicly. You are free to subscribe and unsubscribe from a Google Group at any time. I may have to tweak the system as I go along but I think this can work.

Thinking of starting a monthly newsletter with flash fiction.

I’ve been wanting to start a monthly newsletter for some time now but didn’t know what I should put in it until I came across Joel Friedlander’s blog post about fiction writers putting flash fiction out on their newsletters. I’ve also been wanting to start indie publishing too and the flash fiction I write will also be a way to do market research for some projects I have in mind.

Khiatons Art Journal

Perhaps I’ve read to many blogs about book marketing but I decided
to set up an online art journal on Pininterest in order to generate
synergy in my writing and encourage reader engagement.

I’m using Morguefile phtotos and to help to help me
and my readers visualize some settings and artifacts for a fantasy work
I have on progress. “The Talented” is the second novel in my unpublished
Strong Medicine series. I plan to post a picture for each chapter as I finish it.
Right now I need to catch up on posting visuals for the chapters I’ve
written so far. I will post two chapters worth of visuals on weekends.
Once I’m caught up I plan to post one visual each week because I usually
write one chapter per week.

Creative Penn: How to Grow Your Fiction Email List

I’ve recommended the Creative Penn website in the past and they’ve just posted a truly useful blog today called How to Grow Your Own Fiction Email List which I believe will be good for marketing for any traditional or indie writer. I plan to bookmark this blog since it has tips I plan to use when I start to get more of my work out there. I tend to think that there may be some people who undervalue email lists in favor of the more current social media platforms, but a good email list is often full of readers dedicated to your work and is less random and casual than the other mediums so it’s a good idea to build an email list. However, I need to build a body of published work before I can put the tips in this blog to the test.