Why is Apollo the Patron of Logical Thinking?

The greatest Apollon Mystery is “why is he a patron of logical thinking?” The myths he’s in show him as moody and capricious as any Olympian

A lover cheated on him. The news enraged him so much he scorched his informer, a white raven who became a black raven. Then he ordered a hit on the woman by his twin sister and condemned her to Tartarus.

He cheated in a music contest. Morsys the Satyr played him to a draw at first. Then he said they should play their instruments upside down which Morsys couldn’t do. He flayed Morsys alive for daring to challenge him.

Apollo may not be the first Olympian to have an ethical lapse but why is he the patron of logical thinking?

Is he the best candidate for the job? He is in charge of the Delphic Oracle which was a means of deifying intuitive insight. Did the Olympians deem him the most qualified for the job even if he wasn’t the ideal candidate?

That’s the only explanation I can think of. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this? Or know of any other qualifications Apollo may have I am unaware of?

I have a flashfic of the “founding myth” for this Apollon mystery coming out tomorrow. Perhaps this is how it could’ve happened in the myths.

There’re more examples of my Greek Myth “what ifs” in A Heart for Hubris.


Why isn’t Eris a War Goddess?

Eris, Goddess of Discord, is best known for starting a beauty contest that began the Trojan War. You’d think this incident would serve as the credentials needed to get Eris called a war goddess? Some details from her Wikipedia entry answered this question for me. She’s useful in small doses but needs to be kept in check. These are my thoughts on the matter:

Maybe the Ancient Greeks could only imagine “shrews” in a civil society like Olympus. Only barbarians had fierce warrior women. The closest they have to a war goddess is Athena. She knows how to wield weapons and construct battle strategies. Yet she also weaves like any good daughter should.

Eris may not be “mighty” like Aphrodite, yet she doesn’t allow herself to be dissed. When she wasn’t invited to a feast, she crashed it. She offered a golden apple to the most beautiful of goddesses. This left the Olympians with the problem of figuring out who deserved that honor. They in turn delegated the decision to the mortal Paris. Each goddess, even Aphrodite, offered a Paris a bribe. This means that not even Aphrodite can be said to be a clear-cut winner of the contest Eris instigated. Offending Eris caused even more discord than leaving her out. Eris often gets dismissed as a minor goddess, but can be dangerous if you try to ignore her. The Olympians aren’t in the mood to give her more honor than they feel she deserves.

Perhaps, placing Eris in a war goddess role would make her too powerful? The Iliad equates her to a bloodthirsty goddess Enyo that starts small and grows in size into Godzilla proportions during wars.

Eris is treated like a quarrelsome woman and she-demon most times. Though there is reference to a goddess of strife credited with giving people ambition. She inspires people to change and improve the status quo. This could mean an out-and-out war or create talented statesmen, entrepreneurs and inventors.

The Enyo and the Strife goddesses are treated as similar but separate to Eris. Yet what if these goddesses were incorporated as aspects of her personality?

My theory is Eris has her place in the Order of Things but has to be kept in check. Which is why she won’t be promoted to a war goddess position. Eris is a minor goddess. Yet her nuances shows the richness of classical mythology.

Eris becomes a surprising benefactor in my release A Heart for Hubris. The “Eris’s Discord” flash fiction goes live here tomorrow.

2 Publishing Credits in 2018

So far I have 2 publishing credits in 2018:

“Wampum Writing” is a non-fiction piece that’s been accepted in the indigenous anthology: Voice:Appropriation and Representation in Canada. I received the check for it. It’s a historical piece and not related to my scifi and fantasy works, but I couldn’t help expressing my opinion on this issue.

“Welcome, Furries” has been accepted into FurPlanet’s Exploring New Places anthology. It’s about spoiled cat aliens.

Hubris and Haters in the Ancient World

The Greek concept of hubris serves as a poetic metaphor for the ” crabs in the bucket” syndrome.

Anyone who is “too-successful” gets envied and slandered by the less fortunate. There are famous people who get over-arrogant. However, it’s hard to know whether their critics should be believed or not. Taylor Swift even wrote the song “Shake It Off” based on this phenomenon.

The Olympians used to send Nemesis against anyone they deemed too proud of their success. However, I’ve come across stories where mortals called upon Nemesis themselves. This happens in most retellings of the Narcissus myth. His admirers cry out to her when they are scorned. At the very least petitioners called on the Gods in general to smite their enemies. Either way it was Nemesis’s job to humble the one the petitioners complained about.

Narcissus crime of hubris was to reject his admirers. Most notably the nymph Echo who was cursed by Hera but favored by Zeus. She pined away for Narcissus until there was nothing left but her voice.

Yet Apollo, God of the Sun, rejected a nymph. Clitae was turned into a sunflower so she could follow the sun’s progress in the sky during the day. Does this mean that the right to say “no” is a divine prerogative? Invoking Nemesis when you’re rejected would give too much power to stalkers. Perhaps Nemesis would make a better goddess of envy than an avenger of hubris.

Not everyone may deserve their success but not everyone deserves a nemesis either. At least Nemesis is a more elegant metaphor for haters than the modern “crabs in the bucket” cliche. Her archetype shows that haters have existed among humanity since ancient times.

My thoughts on hubris inspired my release A Heart for Hubris . The “Narcissus’s Defense Statement” flash fiction goes live here tomorrow.

Would anyone be interested in a Crochet Dreamcatcher Design

This is my crochet dreamcatcher prototype. I love crochet and wanted to try a native themed crochet design. It also works as a mandala meditation. Crochet isn’t a traditional craft so I’m not sure I can do more with it other than destress.

I want to test this idea plus test WordPress polls in general.