Announcing the Start of Khiatons Kindle Short Reads

Khiatons Kindle Short Reads publishing program starts May 1st. These will give blog readers a chance to see the kind of works my trend watching inspires. They’re geared towards Kindle Select Readers who want to stream short reads and are composed of approximately 5000 word ebooks. They’ll be available for sale at 99 cents individually. If you’re not a member of Kindle Select, and prefer to save money, I’ll gather them into themed story collections and offer them as larger ebooks and print books.

The themed collections will be uploaded to Smashwords. However, the individual short read books will be kept exclusive to Kindle Select.

I figured this was a worthwhile experiment for 2017, and will see how it goes.

This is the first ebook Machine Learning: Two Short Reads which is available on May 1st.

Machine Learning: Two Short Reads

What will machines learn from humanity? We can hope they’ll hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil and obey the Three Laws of Robotics but Gidget the Gadget may become a respected member of the family, while the Dissembly Meme still goes viral in these two short reads. (Approximately a total of 4607 words)

Kateri Tales: Based on Haudenosaunee Folklore is Out

I uploaded Kateri Tales: Based on Haudenosaunee Folktales and it’s now live on Amazon Kindle’s Select Program and Lending Library. It will be available in other venues once the 90 day exclusivity period is over.

It’s a blend of fantasy, contemporary fantasy and urban fantasy. Some stories are “sequels” I felt certain folktales needed. Others are based on my reactions to traditional beliefs. For one thing, what kid, from any culture, could resist using a forbidden name, even if it puts his people in jeopardy?

Bricolage is Live!

If you’re curious about how all these science posts have affected my writing you can check out Bricolage on Amazon! It’s in the Kindle Select Program so you can try it out in the Kindle Lending Library.

How do you get back into active service in the Spacefarer Union when you’re decommissioned and discarded because of the unlicensed repair needed to make you spaceworthy again?

I’m in print for the first time!

My first two publishing credits were for podcasts and my third, “Gifts from a Grim Godfather”, is in both kindle and paperback versions. I just found out the paperback version was out when my two contributor’s copies arrived in the mail today.

The Gothic Blue Book IV: The Folklore Edition is finally out in paperback and contains my “Gifts from a Grim Godfather” story.