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The gifted but bratty child #genius Rory Jordan surprises his family, and their stranded spacefarer guest, Nix Kaphale, when he restores the crashed #spaceship Krillian for spaceflight in this series of scifi flashfic.

The flashfic pieces will be posted on my new Wattpad account @CathySmith527 on weekends.

You can download complete copy of this flashfic series in a .mobi, epub or pdf ebook by subscribing to the Khiatons Mailing list.

These flashfics are prequels to Bricolage, which is is available in print and ebook format at Amazon, and ebook format at Kobo and other online stores.

Review: In Joy Still Felt: The Autobiography, 1954-1978

In Joy Still Felt: The Autobiography, 1954-1978
In Joy Still Felt: The Autobiography, 1954-1978 by Isaac Asimov
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Isaac sounds like he’s bragging but there’s no denying the fact he was a Master of Scifi and it’d be ridiculous to deny his success or his prolific output. It’s hard for a writer not to read this without feeling envious. Yet his life still had ups and downs and sometimes individual works would be more successful than he thought they merited so it gives the rest of us hope. A fan of Isaac Asimov who only reads scifi will find this an interesting insight into the mind of a genius and his working methods.

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