Kateri Tales: Based on Haudenosaunee Folklore is Out

I uploaded Kateri Tales: Based on Haudenosaunee Folktales and it’s now live on Amazon Kindle’s Select Program and Lending Library. It will be available in other venues once the 90 day exclusivity period is over.

It’s a blend of fantasy, contemporary fantasy and urban fantasy. Some stories are “sequels” I felt certain folktales needed. Others are based on my reactions to traditional beliefs. For one thing, what kid, from any culture, could resist using a forbidden name, even if it puts his people in jeopardy?

September 2015 Khiatons Monthly Flash Fiction/Update Newsletter

An 18th birthday party gets crashed by a close encounter.

This is the first of a series of backstory flash fiction pieces for the soft science fiction novel, Bricolage, that I’m editing now. The Jordan family goes on the trip of the lifetime when the Spacefarer Nix Kaphale offers to payback their five years of hospitality by giving them a tour of an intergalactic civilization. Rory Jordan will soon be known as the most brilliant brat in the galaxy. You can read the story in Khiatons September 2015 newsletter by signing up for the Khiatons Flash/Update Newsletter Google Group.

Recommended Website: Draft2Digital

I’ve come across mention of Draft2Digital a new company that distritbutes ebooks and you can also use to set up an account to print paperbacks with Createspace. It’s a new company that’s working at growing its distribution channels but already has most of the major ones covered. It also offers monthly payments as long as you reach its threshold, but it’s best feature maybe that it doesn’t have a complicated formatting guide to follow. There’s people who prefer it over Smashwords and apparently it’s starting to affect Smashwords’ market share.

It’ll be a while before I’m in a position to give a personal recommendation on its services, but I will definitely give it a try once I’m ready to self publish my work, and it’s worth investigating yourself.

The Independent Publishing Magazine gave the company a favorable review that explains its features more fully in December 2014. Earlier reviews point out its then limited outreaches, but it has grown since then, and it’d be worthwhile to look up the FAQs on the site and current reviews of the company.

BB eBooks gives Tips for Publishing on Draft2Digital with a step-by-step tutorial.