Joined Wattpad


I’ve joined Wattpad as an experiment. I will post tie-ins to my indie published works as a way to give free samples on it soon.


Announcing Khiatons Goodreads Author Page


I now have an author page at Goodreads. I will be building up an active presence there, and you can see what I’m reading for private entertainment and reference material for my own writing, as well as my reviews on the material I read.

I’ve already filled out an author interview for readers but you can ask me further questions at Goodreads if you want.

Rethinking Khiatons’ Social Media Outreaches

This is a notice that I’m retooling my social media outreaches and scaling back to a less ambitious posting schedule on all my online platforms.

My first month’s royalties from indie publishing were so disappointing I thought it wasn’t worth continuing this as a business. However, I’m still willing to indie publish as a hobby. I enjoy the act of writing and like the thought of making it available to the public. This means I’ll tweak my work system so it’s less demanding than it is now so I have time for other hobbies in my life.

That’s why I’m scaling back social media. I will keep my outreaches active for any reader who wants to seek me out, and make it so they find more than “buy my latest book” posts. However, I will the posting schedule will be something what befits a hobby and not a side business.