New Release Secrets of the Trade: A Shifty Magician Short Story

What can a magician’s minion do when he’s between an ambitious upstart and a hard master in a magical battle? That’s a trade secret you can learn on Kindle and Kindle Select..


Book Review: The Puppet Masters by Robert A. Heinlein

3 out of 5
Heinlein wrote and thought out a credible tale of alien invasion, but it seems to be more a means of liberating 1950s society of norms he found constrictive. Then again that can be said for most alien invasion and disaster stories that are popular nowadays. Humans rise to the challenge in Heinlein’s tale while today’s authors would write of a complete societal collapse. Some may prefer Heinlein’s resolution but the modern reader seems to like things gritty and grimdark. At the very least they will enjoy the fact that Heinlein’s grasp of science, biology and technology is better though out than most modern sci-fi offerings.

February 2018-Free Fantasy Writing Prompt

These are the type of fantasy writing prompts you’ll see in my upcoming fantasy writing prompt releases in 2018.

What if a Byzantine noble commissioned the construction of this as a means of art therapy to destress from Byzantine politics?

Byzantine-Era Monastery and Church Uncovered in Israel

Shelton Sharpe may not be the most powerful of magicians, but he is the shiftiest!


Meet Angel Girl from The Shifty Captive

Meet Angel Child from The Shifty Captive
Name: Angel Girl
Age: 12
Nationality: Ilan
There was that little girl at different stages of growth starting from infancy to what must be her current age. Some older cards of her were set aside and stored in a box with a scrapbook with clippings of her hair.


The Shifty Captive: Tobias the Raven

Meet Tobias the Raven from Th e Shifty Captive.
Name: Tobias the Raven
Age: 10
Nationality: Ilan
Current Residence: 101 Luxe Lane
Occupation: familiar
Quote: “You will soon be carrion. Fat, juicy carrion!”


8th Publishing Credit (for sure this time)

Given how one short story sale fell through this year I wanted to make sure this actually went through before I mentioned it: my #scifi #shortstory “A New Genome” was released in the 49th Parallels anthology from Bundoran Press, which is a prestigious Canadian scifi publisher.


Book Review: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne

3 out of 5

Imagine you are on a cruise in a top-of-the line submarine with cutting edge technology. You are introduced to a world of wonders and scientific marvels, but your cruise keeps going on and on to the point it’s no longer fun anymore and you’re starting to doubt the sanity of your captain. This isn’t a critique of Jules Vernes writing, but a description of the plot. Some may not want this cruise to ever end, but others may prefer to move on. Yet you’ve got to give Jules Verne’s kudos for inventing the concept of submarines in the first place and the other technology inside it. I can’t help envying his scope and vision.