Tunnel in the Sky by Robert Heinlein

3 out 5

The characters in this book are more illustrations of types than characters. They are left
stranded when a survival course goes wrong and have to build a sustainable society until they are rescued, which gives Heinlein a chance to explore and espouse social programming theories. It’s an interesting thought experiment. It feels like a computer could’ve created this as a virtual simulation and has as much emotion as one.


The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin

3 out of 5

Ursula Le Guin did a good job worldbuilding the culture of the bisexual natives and the effects their environment and sexuality has on their culture. However, the protagonist’s First Contact procedures need to be ironed out to work for this book to work as more than mid-grade scifi. I find the fact he’s left on an alien planet with no proof he comes from another planet counterproductive to his attempts to establish diplomatic relations. How is he supposed to convince people he’s what he says he is and not crazy?

Book Review: The Puppet Masters by Robert A. Heinlein

3 out of 5
Heinlein wrote and thought out a credible tale of alien invasion, but it seems to be more a means of liberating 1950s society of norms he found constrictive. Then again that can be said for most alien invasion and disaster stories that are popular nowadays. Humans rise to the challenge in Heinlein’s tale while today’s authors would write of a complete societal collapse. Some may prefer Heinlein’s resolution but the modern reader seems to like things gritty and grimdark. At the very least they will enjoy the fact that Heinlein’s grasp of science, biology and technology is better though out than most modern sci-fi offerings.

February 2018-Free Fantasy Writing Prompt

These are the type of fantasy writing prompts you’ll see in my upcoming fantasy writing prompt releases in 2018.

What if a Byzantine noble commissioned the construction of this as a means of art therapy to destress from Byzantine politics?

Byzantine-Era Monastery and Church Uncovered in Israel

Shelton Sharpe may not be the most powerful of magicians, but he is the shiftiest!