I have found these sites useful to my writing and plan to keep this list of link up to date as more sites come to my attention:

Business of Writing/Publishing

Dean Wesley Smith is my go to place for the current state of publishing.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch has extensive articles on the business of writing that’s worth reading.

The Passive Voice talks about the legal issues of the publishing business and I need to follow him more. is a good place learning the basics about the writing business. It’s main focus is freelance writing but it has articles on all the major genres and general information writers should know.

Creative Penn is Joanna Penn’s publishing/writing website.  She has won numerous awards and been on the New York Times and USA list.

Romance University has regular lectures about various aspects of writing. It’s focus is on the romance genre but it also has good

Published to Death has a series of articles on the business of publishing and self publishing that are worth investigating.

Draft2Digital is a distributor of ebooks and you can also use it to create print books with Createspace.

Writing Markets is the first place I go to for market information for my short stories. Though I also do google searches and click the most recent links.

Open-Source Resources for Writing, Self-Publishing

Openclipart has a clip art gallery free for commercial use and can be easily altered
with graphic programs. I have used them in the past and will probably be using
them in the future.

Unsplash is a source of free high-resolution photos. Ten new photos are posted
every ten days but you need to monitor it to find something useful since it

doesn’t have a search function.

Pixabay has high quality images you can use anywhere.

New Old Stock has regular updates of vintage photos from public archives that
are free from known copyright restrictions. It has regular updates but no search
features that I can see.

Gratisgraphy is a collection of high resolution photos by Ryan McGuire that are
free of copyright restrictions. It’s regularly updated but I haven’t found any search
function on the site.

Compfight is a search engine for flickr but it’d be a good idea to check the license
before you use its results. You can limit the search to creative commons or
commercial licenses if you want.

Life of Pix has free high resolutions pictures free from copyright restrictions that
is updated weekly.

Libreoffice by the Document Foundation. I’m a fan of their open source office
suite that comes with six programs though I mostly concentrate on its Writer
and Draw components. I prefer to use the Writer for my writing. Their Draw
program makes a good simple graphics and photo editing program. Professional
writers and graphic artists may scoff at my choice of tools, but my needs are simple
at the moment and Draw and Writer give me what I want in a cost effective manner.

J. Daniel Sawyer created Smashword templates for OpenOffice and MSWord in
this blog post. I will see if they work with Libreoffice in the future.

For those of us who prefer opensource products J.M. Porup has created a
supplement to the Smashwords Style Guide for Libreoffice/OpenOffice.

Writing Research

Behind the Name has a list of names and their meanings, plus a random name generator that you can present within cultural, occupation or meaning parameters to help you name the characters in your fiction.

Open Culture has complied a list of 1100 free online courses from top universities that should be a valuable resource to any writer.

NASA has free e-Books that could be useful to a writer of science fiction.

Health a weight loss/online calorie tracker may seem unrelated to writing at first glance, but my efforts at attaining a healthy weight has already improved my health and given me more energy for writing. I can’t wait to see how I feel, and how much work gets done when I reach my goal weight.

Example of WordPress Webdesign Techniques

Experiment page to see if I can keep a page off the header tab bar menu.

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