I moved the Khiatons Mailing List to Mailchimp

Sign up to see #science used to create modern #myths and #folklore in #fantasy and #scifi and get a free sample of my work in epub, Kindle(mobi) and pdf formats.

(I found a better provider of mailing list services.)



Update on mailing list

I was thinking of having a mailing list, but found out that I must include a physical address in a footer to comply with anti-spam laws. I don’t intend to spam but am not brave enough to do this.

I still like the idea of sending out one flash fiction a month so I will try putting a piece of flash fiction up on this blog once a month.

Edit: I found out that I can set up a Google group that has the same function of a mailing list without having to reveal my physical address. I have set up a widget that connects to to it on the side. The first flash fiction will be available as a public post, but the rest of the flash fiction will be posted to the newsgroup though I will post its illustration on the blog publicly. You are free to subscribe and unsubscribe from a Google Group at any time. I may have to tweak the system as I go along but I think this can work.

Thinking of starting a monthly newsletter with flash fiction.

I’ve been wanting to start a monthly newsletter for some time now but didn’t know what I should put in it until I came across Joel Friedlander’s blog post about fiction writers putting flash fiction out on their newsletters. I’ve also been wanting to start indie publishing too and the flash fiction I write will also be a way to do market research for some projects I have in mind.

How to create a widget on WordPress for your book

I just figured out how to create a widget for a book that published my short story and it ended up being easy:

When you log into WordPress go to the front end of your site and you will see a drop down list after your site’s name on a banner at the very top of your page. Click it and choose the “widget” option. You will be taken to a list of available widgets, choose the “image” widget option. This will create a drop down menu. First you are asked to choose where you want to place the widget. Choose a location. Then you will be taken to a page that is needed to generate the content of the widget. For your image URL go to the Amazon page where your work is listed and right click on the image of the cover. This will produce a menu choose, “copy image location” and copy and paste the info into the image URL entry field on the “image” widget. You can add a caption explaining the importance of the widget. Then you can copy and paste the URL of the webpage where the book is located in Amazon into the “Link URL” entry field, and it will direct anyone who clicks it to your work’s sales page where they can buy it if they want.

Once that is set up you now have a widget of any published works. It’s simple enough when you know how it’s done, but it may take a while for a newbie to figure it out. The support page I looked this up on left some stuff unsaid so I decided to add an extra WordPress Webdesign tip to this site as a courtesy to any reader who could use the information.

Promotional Resources

I came across another tidbit that may be useful to writers and other online entrepreneurs interested in creating youtube trailers for their products.

The Five Essential Ingredients for Video Book Trailers class ran in April 2014 but the promo for it contains good information that may help you create video trailers and has links to royalty free resources that may be useful to writers or other people looking to promote their work/products.